Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste - Cold Crumbled Powder

Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste - Cold Crumbled Powder

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Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao

No additives. Just chocolate.

*Mix with your own herbs and sweeteners if desired*

Our ceremonial cacao powder is pure ceremonial cacao that has been cold crumbled - this is revolutionary to the cacao world (zero fat removed) Making consuming ceremonial cacao very convenient to consume.  

What this isnt?  Your store-bought cocoa powder; over-processed and had the cacao butter removed. This is pure ceremonial-grade cacao. ZERO ADDITIVES and ZERO REDUCTIONS. Experience the heart-opening, joyful and energizing effects for yourself.

Ideal for making your morning hot beverage, a full ceremonial cacao brew or adding to smoothies and other delicious treats.

Our cacao powder is made with the finest quality cacao, processed with care at every step. Our direct relationship to the source allows us to offer consistent quality at an affordable price.

Packaged in 1lb (16 ounces) sizes. It's about 3 tablespoons to 1 ounce. 

Enjoy this unique, potent and flavor-filled cacao for healthy drinks, cacao ceremonies, and fine delicacies.

Our cacao is heavy metal safe - we test at the source to ensure.