3rd Eye Goddess Elixir - 3rd Eye Cacao Elixir

3rd Eye Goddess Elixir

3rd Eye Cacao Elixir
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Ingredients: Organic Ceremonial Venezualan  Cacao,Coconut Milk, Rose, Goji Berry, Fo-Ti,  Maca, Schizandra Berry,  Polygala Root, ginger, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, and monk fruit.

Imported From Venezuala - Nothing added, nothing Removed! 49% Health Fat Content

Sister, it is your birthright to feel sensual in every moment... We honor women!  Fundamentally women have it easier to connect with the higher chakras… to our spirituality and to our intuition. 

Yet, part of this journey of living on this earthly plane is to be present in our bodies and know ourselves and our rhythm.

Which can be a challenge, right?

This means going into the three lowest chakras.. which feel more dense and difficult to be present with.

Because the Root Chakra stores fear, the Sacral Chakra stores guilt, and the Solar Plexus stores shame… Deep stuff.

Sitting blissfully in meditation and hiking in nature feels quite pleasant, but dealing with the hustle of our schedules, with the deadlines of work, the intensity of the news, may feel… icky.

The overwhelming aspects of this current human lifestyle can take us out of our bodies and into worrying about the future, or feeling defined by our past experiences.

Ultimately, we don’t always feel like the beautiful, sensual goddesses we truly are when we are driving the kids to and from practice and frantically heating up food for dinner.

The truth is: all we have is this moment.

And we can choose to feel fear or to trust. We can choose to feel sensuality or stress. We can choose to feel shame or empowerment.

This is your choice.

The gift of cacao is a sacred plant medicine to help aid you back into your bliss body. It gently stimulates the heart chakra, moving you into more euphoric feelings.

When used intentionally or in ceremony, it can be used to explore and transmute feelings of fear, guilt, and shame.

Indigenous tribes sip cacao and sit with her as if she were an Elder. When they take in the medicine, they may step into prayer as they embody her energy and listen to the subtle but transformative messages she brings. This is a practice for cultures that live in climates where cacao is grown.