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Ambrosia Prash

Product Info

What is this?

Prash is a delicious nutritive jam that has been used in Aryuveda for thousands of years. In Sanskrit, the word, "prash" refers to a specially prepared food. It is said that two ancient sages of Aryuveda concocted this formula to restore youth to the elderly sage

How do I enjoy?

Simply add 1 tsp or more to any hot beverage, smoothie, elixir, toast or fruit!

To preserve its freshness, keep lid tightly closed and in a cool space to prevent melting

What’s inside?

100% Organic Ingredients:

Grass-fed ghee, local texas honey, Bulgarian rose, vanilla, shilajit resin, turkey tail, reishi, mistake, shitake, himematsutake, chaga, king trumpet, cordyceps, reishi, lions mane, pine pollen, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg and clove