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Ceremonial Mayan Cacao Paste from Belize

Product Info

Ideal for those using cacao ceremonially, or in bulk. Also, ideal for preparing a full ceremonial cacao brew, a morning beverage (great alternative to coffee!), adding to healthy drinks, and adding to your fine desserts!

About This Mayan Cacao:

  • 100% pure, ceremonial grade cacao 
  • Heirloom Blend or Criollo and Trinitario Cocoa
  • Fat content: 52%
  • Environment: “Mayan Mountain”
  • Award Winning Ceremonial Grade Mayan Cacao Paste from Belize - This unique heirloom blend of Criollo-Trinitario cacao has an earthy and robust flavor profile with notes of caramel and pineapple. Grown by independent Mayan farmers in the southern Jungles of Belize.  This cacao has been noted as one of the world's finest  100% Mayan grown organic fair trade Theobroma cacao grown in Belize.
  • Flavor Profile: Earthy, robust with notes of caramel and pineapple 


Take 2-3 Tbsp of it grounded/shaved and add to 6-8 oz of hot water. Traditionally, cacao paste is only made with hot water and some herbs. You can definitely add nut milk or sweetener if you desire!