Ceremonial Nacional Cacao Paste
Ceremonial Nacional Cacao Paste
Ceremonial Nacional Cacao Paste

Ceremonial Nacional Cacao Paste

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100% Cacao from  Ecuador  is produced with the best National Fine Aroma Cacao 100% Ecuadorian. 

Our ceremonial cacao tonic is freshly made in the amazon by the tribes in Ecuador; using only whole raw cacao beans. All of our Nacional ceremonial cacao paste naturally includes cacao butter, we believe cacao is best consumed without isolation. Cacao Butter is one of the highest grade fats and is the most effective carrier of cacao's medicinal benefits into the mind, body and soul. In comparison to cocoa powder which is mass produced, processed and sold cheaply because the highly valuable fat has been removed and resold; We never compromise the Dollar for short term gains!

This Cacao is produced with the best National Fine Aroma Cacao 100% Ecuadorian.

With the support of Conservation & Development works with small-scale producers nationwide for more than 20 years supporting its associative strengthening, increased production, and participation in a more sustainable and equitable cocoa system; producers who bring their fine chocolate beans for this work under the criteria of Good Agricultural Practices, which are transferred by C & D under methodology Socio Environmental Field School. All this and more guarantee the creation of a fine chocolate, delicate sleek and elegant work.



In Ecuador our main focus Aroma quality of our product. We focus on getting the best ingredients for the best product.


In Ecuador we like Aroma development and efficient work. So we have high quality technology for the product to reach their highest potential.


Aroma Ecuador Foundation works with the C & D (Conservation & Development / www.ccd.ec) so that focuses on helping cocoa farmers.

100% Cacao

In Ecuador we like to keep the flavor Aroma fine so we remain free of chemicals, maintaining a pure and delicious product.

10% of all sales of this cacao will be donated to the rainforest partnership.  In efforts to preserve the integrity of the people who protect the tribes, our oxygen and our planet—source matters, and we must not overlook the truth of how we consume.