Self Love Stones - 3rd Eye Cacao Elixir

Self Love Stones

3rd Eye Cacao Elixir
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Wear your Intention!

You are amazing! By wearing this stone you are supporting our mission to raise the vibration of our planet through the healing power of crystals and all people practicing tools of Self Love. Wearing this stone connects you to your intention and to thousands of others on our planet doing the same! 

Choose your stone: 

  • Chocolate Moonstone: A new beginning stone. Connects to intuition and inspiration. Enhances emotional empowerment. 
  • Abalone Shell: A compassion stone. Connects to feelings of peace. Enhances soothing energy. 
  • Iolite: A well-being stone. Connects to physical health. Enhances good energy flow and vitality. 
  • Chrysophrase: A joyous stone. Connects to new love and abundance. Enhances heart-centeredness. 
  • Carnelian: An inspiration stone. Connects to positive energy flow. Enhances creativity and motivation. 
  • Ruby: A royal Goddess stone. Connects to passion and zest for life. Enhances joy, courage and spontaneity.