Ceremonial Guatemalan Cacao Paste - 4 Regions

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Springs Cacao

Springs Cacao was named in a moment of astonishment. We were standing there, in a valley covered with a lush variety of trees: coffee, zapotillos, bananas, and so many others.  An agroforestry dream. By our side, Juan, grandfather in the family, told us there are 4 springs there, embedded in the delicious curves of this mountain jungle, at 400 m facing the Pacific coast. But there is more than one step to a true astonishment. Moments later-- we couldn't believe what we heard-- Juan was explaining that he remained organic because he never had enough money to buy the fertilizers that are suggested as a norm of success in that region. Synchronistic epiphany: 

"Your cacao is the best we’ve tried in a while,” we told him, “we will help you share this treasure to the world”. His smile underlined our joy: magic happened. Springs cacao magnifies a deep bitterness with coffee and banana accents. Its fat content surpasses most cacaos in the world due to the abundance of water in the village of “Las Victorias” where it grows. Also because it’s genomic lineage was preserved from industrial hybridization.

  • Fermented for 10 days in a small wooden box
  • Family owned farm
  • Diverse agroforestry ecosystem
  • Proximity with coffee plantations
  • Proximity with multiple springs
  • Altitude 400m
  • Suchitepequez region