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3rd Eye Cacao - Passion Tonic


This raw chocolate superfood tonic is designed to nourish you with love on a cellular level and invigorate your quest for better health.  Carefully designed for cacao connoisseurs seeking a lifestyle wellness and deep nourishment, it has the power to aid in healing in your journey.  Indulge in it, in the decadence of a cacao ceremony or have it as a dessert. Cacao has the potential to open your heart and assist in deep emotional release.  This purest form of chocolate is said to be the best and highest form of antioxidants and magnesium of all foods. Give in to fulfilling you!

. The product is guaranteed to meet the requirements set forth in this specification.

Product provided will be subject to the micro requirements above. All products will conform US microbial, pesticide, mycotoxin, branding, and labeling requirements set forth by the US FDA and Federal Food and Drug Cosmetic Act.

3rd Eye Tonic is to acquire and/or produce the safest, highest quality product available in the industry. A copy of these programs, guidelines, and policies are generally provided to the quality assurance personnel upon audit of the facility. The buyer may also obtain a copy of this material upon request.. Please be advised, this material is considered highly sensitive and should be held in the highest confidence.

Composition/Origin - Thicker liquid Viscosity of 250  m

Allergens: Nuts: No Gluten: No Wheat: No Sulfites: No

Soy Lecithin: No Crustacea: No Eggs: No Milk or dairy: No

Caffeine: low/ Medium active ingredients- theobromine

Food Standards:

  • Packed at a facility that has nuts on the premises

Caffeine content: low



EEC Code Colour - Chocolate brown

Odor - Chai chocolate latte

All of the ceremonial cacao at 3rd Eye  naturally includes cacao butter, which is one of the highest-grade fats and is the most effective carrier of cacao’s medicinal benefits into a human being. 3rd eye cacao is all organic, vegan, lightly toasted, paleo and keto friendly, soy free, sugar-free, gluten-free and non-GMO. They source their beans directly from indigenous farms in Peru & Ecuador. Our ceremonial cacao is grown only in the most pristine areas of the earth, often the most populated spaces of healthy macro-biome that is extensive protected lands, so the cacao agroforestry acts as an ecologically diverse buffer to the protected lands and benefits from pure water health and the cleanest soil on our planet. The pods are hand harvested when perfectly ripe and brought to cooperatively owned artisanal fermentation facilities, where the flavor of the cacao beans develop for 5-7 days in fermentation boxes before being sun-dried (not gas dried) for one to two weeks. All of the cacao is hand sorted before being shipped to Austin, TX cold milled when it arrives at the alchemist’s kitchen... 3rd Eye cacao has been lab tested for safety and meets comprehensive EU standards for the absence of heavy metals. Last but not least we have a true passion for healing, and opening the heart with the combination of alchemical herbs that synergistically pair with ceremonial cacao and maintain the highest level of healing vibration energy level of this plant medicine in the world!

Way Better Than Hot Cocoa

3rd Eye Tonic Cacao Elixir is a real ceremonial grade cacao.

Raw and never preserved — This is freshly made in micro batches from a whole cacao paste and nothing else. All of our ceremonial cacao paste naturally includes cacao butter, which is one of the highest grade fats and is the most effective carrier of cacao's medicinal benefits into the body. By comparison, cocoa powder is made by large processors and sold cheaply because the highly valuable fat has been removed and sold for profit.   

And that's just the tip of the iceberg ... whole cacao is a superfood and an alchemical compound. This positively changes the whole being; synergistically changing the state of mind, body and soul connection and mood!

Raw Cacao Benefits

Regularly working with real cacao can have therapeutic health benefits, including creating new neural pathways that change our daily experience to include more joy, love, and connection. Cacao contains beneficial neurotransmitters and neuro-modulators already present in our brain, most notably including: 

Norepinephrine - The joy molecule

Dopamine - Gives feelings of motivation and pleasure. Cacao also has MOA inhibitors, that inhibit re-uptake of dopamine.

Serotonin - Helps with well-being, and creates resistance to stress. Cacao also has MOA inhibitors, that inhibit re-uptake of serotonin.

Anandamine - The bliss molecule. It moderates pain, and is associated with the "runners high" effect. Cacao also has N-linoleoylethanolamine, the re-uptake inhibitor for anandamine.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) - Helps with excitement, alertness, attention. Gives the perception of time slowing down. 

What is the science behind Cacao?

Why so much energy from Cacao?

Cacao contains theobromine, an alkaloid in the methylxanthine class of compounds, which also contain caffeine, mateine, and more.

Theobromine is a cardiac stimulant (as opposed to caffeine which is a nervous system stimulant) and it relaxes the blood vessels increasing blood circulation by 30-40%. This improves absorption of other important nutrients in cacao or other superfoods that it is paired with.

We add Ayurvedic nutrients like Ashwaganda, turmeric, black pepper, shilijit, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel and the two orchid flowers that support the pineal & pituitary gland. There is far more theobromine than caffeine in cacao - it is a misconception that cacao contains much caffeine, most likely due to a caffeine-like energy rush from the cane sugar used to sweeten most chocolate bars. Theobromine is only about one quarter as stimulating as caffeine, and it has a much longer half life in the liver, meaning that its affect on the body is softer and longer.