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Cold crumbled cacao method - patent pending

Title: Method of Cold Crumbling Cacao Paste into Powder without Removing Anything

Inventors: Neil Ryan Dumra 

Assignee: 3rd Eye Cacao LLC

Field of the Invention:
The present invention relates to the field of food processing, specifically to a method for cold crumbling cacao paste into powder without removing any components. More particularly, the invention pertains to a technique that allows for the transformation of cacao paste into a fine powder form while preserving its natural composition and properties.

Background of the Invention:
Cacao paste, derived from the cacao bean, is widely used in the food industry for the production of various chocolate products, beverages, and confectioneries. Traditionally, cacao paste is processed by heating and grinding, which may result in the loss of certain volatile compounds and alter the overall flavor profile. Additionally, conventional methods often require the removal of certain components, such as cocoa butter, to achieve the desired powder consistency.

There is a need for an improved method that enables the conversion of cacao paste into a fine powder without the need for excessive heat or the removal of any components. Such a method would allow for the preservation of the natural composition and flavor of the cacao paste, thereby enhancing the quality of the end products.

Summary of the Invention:
The present invention discloses a novel method for cold crumbling cacao paste into powder without removing anything. The method involves a series of steps that ensure the transformation of cacao paste into a fine powder while retaining its original composition and flavor.

The method comprises the following steps:
1. Obtaining high-quality cacao paste: Selecting cacao paste of superior quality, preferably organic and free from any additives or contaminants.
2. Cooling the cacao paste: Placing the cacao paste in a temperature-controlled environment to reduce its temperature without solidifying it.
3. Crumbling process: Applying controlled pressure to the cooled cacao paste to break it down into smaller particles without removing any components.
4. Sieving: Passing the crumbled cacao paste through a fine mesh sieve to separate any larger particles and ensure a consistent powder texture.
5. Packaging: Packaging the resulting cacao powder in airtight containers to maintain its freshness and quality.

The method of cold crumbling cacao paste into powder without removing anything provides numerous advantages over conventional techniques. By avoiding excessive heat and the removal of components, the resulting cacao powder retains its natural composition, flavor, and nutritional properties. This method allows for the production of high-quality cacao powder that can be used in various food applications, including chocolate production, baking, and beverages.

The method of cold crumbling cacao paste into powder without removing anything, as disclosed herein, represents a significant advancement in the field of food processing. By preserving the natural composition and flavor of cacao paste, this method enables the production of superior quality cacao powder. 3rd Eye Cacao LLC seeks patent protection for this innovative technique to establish its exclusive rights and commercialize this unique method in the food industry.

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We only source from biodynamic heirloom and permaculture farms screen lab results to ensure there are no pesticides or toxins

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Meet The Founder

Neil is owner of Third Eye Cacao and Third Eye Meditation Lounge. He has a background in integrative and metaphysical healing arts, as well as business and product development. He is a passionate & multi-hyphenated conscious business owner with immense love for cacao and community. He is devoted to his mission to spread the power of ceremony and connection.