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    Grounded Presence Elixir


    Gentle Activation Cacao Elixir Powder - 3rd Eye Cacao Elixir

    100% Organic, non-gmo, gluten free, vegan, sugar free



    Ethically Sourced


    Unlock the power of nature's transformative bliss with Grounded Presence, a unique and indulgent elixir that combines the benefits of Ecuadorian cacao and 9 types of medicinal mushrooms. Each mushroom in our blend has been carefully selected for its unique properties, resulting in an elixir that helps boost your immune system, improve mental clarity, and facilitate detoxification.


    Reishi mushroom is a revered ingredient, valued for its immune-boosting properties that have been utilized for centuries. Lion's mane mushroom has been used traditionally to enhance cognitive function. Turkey tail mushroom is celebrated for its potential to fight off infections and support a healthy immune system. Chaga mushroom is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect your body from free radicals, while maitake mushroom is known for its potential to reduce inflammation. Cordyceps mushroom has been shown to improve physical performance, making it a popular choice among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.


    These medicinal mushrooms are expertly paired with Ecuadorian cacao, which is known for its heart-opening effects and its ability to promote feelings of joy and happiness. At Grounded Presence, we take this pairing to the next level, crafting a blend that not only nourishes your body but also offers a grounding and centering experience that promotes overall wellness.


    Tasting Notes

    Earthy chocolate with woodsy umami notes and a slight sweetness

    Full Ingredients

    • Ecuadorian Cacao
    • Reishi Mushroom
    • Turkey Tail Mushroom
    • Cordyceps Mushroom
    • Maitake Mushroom
    • Chaga Mushroom
    • Lion's Mane Mushroom
    • King Trumpet Mushroom
    • Himematsutake Mushroom
    • Shiitake Mushroom


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    Brewing Your Elixir

    Scoop 2 to 3 tablespoons of your chosen elixir into your cup.

    Add 6 to 8 ounces of hot water to the powder.

    Stir or blend the mixture and enjoy!

    *Your choice of sweetener and plant based milk is optional

    Embracing the Wisdom of Permaculture Farming

    Embracing the Wisdom of Permaculture Farming

    A Vision of Sustainability and Harmony

    A Vision of Sustainability and Harmony

    At the heart of 3rd Eye Cacao, we honor and uphold the principles of permaculture farming.


    This holistic approach to agriculture embodies the wisdom of the Earth, recognizing that by nurturing the land, we nurture ourselves.


    Permaculture farming practices emphasize the importance of biodiversity, regenerative cultivation, and a symbiotic relationship with the environment. By fostering healthy ecosystems and prioritizing sustainability, we ensure that our cacao is not only nourishing for the body and soul, but also for the Earth that sustains us.

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