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Peruvian Gold - Criollo Single Strain Ceremonial Cacao

Product Info

Ideal for those using cacao ceremonially, or in bulk. These cacao chips are so easy to measure and use! Ideal for preparing a full ceremonial cacao brew, a morning beverage (great alternative to coffee!), adding to healthy drinks, and adding to your fine desserts! Simply melt down cacao chips and add to your favorite recipes!

About This Peruvian Cacao:

  • 100% pure, ceremonial grade cacao 
  • Criollo Cacao
  • Fat content: 54%
  • From a region in central Peru in the Junin Department, called Satipo. This cacao is agroforestry ’shade-grown’ under the shadow of many native fruits, with an organic canopy protecting crops like banana and papaya. Cacao naturally loves to grow under a forest canopy, so there is less stress on the tree, it promotes biodiversity, improves soil fertility and sequesters 30% more carbon than non-shade grown cacao. Our cacao is certified organic, direct from a few small artisanal farms in Peru. When you buy our cacao our farmer receives a significantly higher price than what they received previously from a broker, its better than fair – it’s profit sharing.

  • Flavor Profile: Fruity & buttery, with a floral and malty dark chocolate touch


Take 2-3 Tbsp of chips and add to 6-8 oz of hot water. Traditionally, cacao paste is only made with hot water and some herbs. You can definitely add nut milk or sweetener if you desire! Mix, sip & ceremony! 

Size  | .5 lb