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Single Origin Ceremonial Cacao from Ecuador

Our newest cacao paste is beyond heirloom, biodynamic and sustainable, it has even been test specifically for heavy metal and cadium. This is the cream of Ecuadors ceremonial crops.


About the Cacao Bean

These Arriba Nacional beans from Hacienda Victoria, Ecuador, have exactly what we have been looking for: lightly fermented, low acidity and beautiful delicate flavour and aroma.

This natural cacao paste is made from beans of Hacienda Victoria. These Ecuadorian Arriba Cacao, also known as Nacional Cacao, have a unique fermentation process and come from a carbon neutral farm. The taste is textbook luscious chocolate flavor with earthy and nutty tones.

About the Sustainable Cacao Farm

Hacienda Victoria is a 500 hectare cocoa plantation about 30 minutes from Guayaquil with ideal climate and superb environmental conditions, along with a sustainable and socially responsible crop management that begins in their nursery and ends in the drying of beans after careful fermentation. It is at Hacienda Victoria that they are bringing the lush forest back to life, bringing back the tradition of growing the world’s best cacao.

Hacienda Victoria is a single-estate farm located in Cerecita, near the coast of Ecuador. Tucked away between the gentle and lush hills of the Guayas where the savannas roll and remnants of tropical dry forest covers species of native kapok trees. The region has the perfect climate conditions for cacao trees to flourish.

Single Origin Cacao Paste - 3rd Eye Cacao Elixir

Ceremonial Grade Cacao (Ecuador)

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