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Ceremonial Venezuelan Criollo Chunks

Product Info

Ideal for those using cacao ceremonially, or in bulk. These cacao chunks are so easy to measure and use! Ideal for preparing a full ceremonial cacao brew, a morning beverage (great alternative to coffee!), adding to healthy drinks, and adding to your fine desserts! Simply melt down cacao chunks and add to your favorite recipes!

About This Venezuelan Cacao:

  • 100% pure, ceremonial grade cacao 
  • Criollo & Trinitaro Cacao
  • Fat content: 52%
  • The homeland of cocoa, Venezuela, lies in the northwest of South America and is to cocoa what Whiskey is to Scotland - the most famous growing region. Venezuela's plantations produce highly regarded Criollos that represent less than 1% of the global cacao harvest, and Venezuela produces 90% of these Criollo cacao beans, simply wonderful! This country also produces Trinitario cacao, an aromatic cacao which its production covers only 10% of the global cacao harvest. Trinitarios are a hybrid between Criollo and Amazónico cacao, are resistant and high in the yields, just like an Amazónico, but it still presents all the aromatic and sensory features of a Criollo bean. All Venezuelan Trinitaros have a high genetic content of Criollos.

  • Besides this excellent quality genetic in all its cocoa beans, Venezuela also has an ancestral knowledge in all the process pre and postharvest maintained for over 400 years, going from the type of terroir through the harvest and fermentation techniques, drying process and finally with the transport and storage. For all this, Venezuelan cacao is recognized as the best in the world, a symphony of flavors with the finest aroma!  

  • Flavor Profile: Macadamia, nutty and berry flavored


Take 2-3 Tbsp of chunks and add to 6-8 oz of hot water. Traditionally, cacao paste is only made with hot water and some herbs. You can definitely add nut milk or sweetener if you desire! Mix, sip & ceremony! 

Size  | .5 lb