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How Ceremonial Cacao Can Change the way we live

How Ceremonial Cacao Can Change the way we live

How Ceremonial Cacao Can Change the way we live

The Coffee Alternative from the heavens, or the Amazon!

Many years after diving into making high-vibrational, 3rd eye activating, cleansing and healing drinks; tonics and elixirs — I finally found a way to bring it to market without breaking my back trying to make a fresh and integral consumer product and sell it to more than just my friends. I once believed that in order to maintin the highest level of integrity was impossible in creating a consumer product that was healthy and had a long enough shelf life to survive in the marketplace. Eventually — I let courage and innovation take the wheel and I channeled a tool for finding an integral and magical way to keep this alchemical creation something I would still feel amazing about consuming — Ceremonial Cacao Paste — into ceremonial cacao powdered drink.

I was almost ready to give up, it then hit me — I can now make cacao without having to blend, mix and do countless hours of breakdown to grind cacao paste into a tonic. I can’t reveal the secret yet, as the patent is pending. But now — if you are wanting to have ceremonial cacao paste — in a packet. Support my mission; to indulge the heart in the parasympathetic, calming, peaceful and healing the adrenals with my Ceremonial Cacao tonic.

Not your ordinary chocolate drink… Why not cacao powder? and Why

Because we have cold crumbled and made cacao paste meal — if you add warm water and mix; it melts and it still has all the fat of cacao paste. It hasnt been removed or isolated like cacao powder. And it hasnt been heated or preserved.

What is Cacao Paste? Cacao paste is made by taking the cacao beans, in their whole form, and grinding them into a liquid, commonly called cacao liquor. This liquid is then dried, resulting in cacao paste

Having been creating cacao ceremonies — using Vedic spices herbs flowers and superfoods, I wanted to be able to share my gifts and art with the world. I wasn’t been able to ship water and bottle and keep it shelf stable as well as use ceremonial cacao paste until now…

Our ceremonial cacao powder is pure cacao that has been Cold ground.

This isn’t cacao powder that has been had the cacao butter removed. This is pure nacional Ecuadorian ceremonial-grade cacao. Nothing added & nothing removed; we honor the sacred traditional amazonian culture and we invite you to experience the heart-opening, soul awakening and deep rooted energizing ways to tap into you — and learn to love all of you.

Ideal for making your morning coffee replacement or additive until you can maybe give up coffee for a healing drink that is a full ceremonial cacao elixir or adding the mix to smoothies and other delicious treats.

Our cacao meal is made with the finest quality cacao, uniquely crafted with intelligence and respet to our sacred and direct relationship to the source allows us to offer consistent quality at an affordable price.

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Packaged in 1/2 lb, 1lb and 2lb sizes — the serving size is about 1 ounce.


If you are interested in Learning how to host cacao ceremonies — We have a cacao practitioners program and we have a space to host these courses at 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge & Elixir Bar in Downtown Austin, Texas.

To schedule an appointment at the 3rd Eye Lounge Click Here — There are many amazing offerings, including private Cacao Ceremonies,