3rd Eye Liver Detox - 3rd Eye Cacao Elixir
3rd Eye Liver Detox - 3rd Eye Cacao Elixir

3rd Eye Liver Detox

3rd Eye Cacao Elixir
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3rd Eye Liver Detox 

3rd Eye Liver Detox is a specially formulated to support overall liver health, essential to the body's overall health. This tonic works on a cellular level, * The liver performs many crucial functions including detoxification, filtration of toxins from the blood and production of bile to help breakdown fats in the body.



  • Milk Thistle, Fenugreek, Peppermint, Dandelion Root, Cardamom, Burdock Root, Chlorella, Shilajit, Charcoal, and Hawthorne berry


Our Liver Detox Involves:
  1. Carefully selected herbs are designed to flush toxins out of the liver.
  2. Being mindful of your consumption; eating a liver-friendly diet.
  3. Avoiding certain foods.
  4. Going on a water or juice fast.
  5. Cleansing the colon and gut through the use of tonics & water and potentially an enema.